Dialogue Associates


Professional Dialogue addresses silo mentality, fragmented organisational practices and broken social structures.

"Why do people keep making decisions that affect others without talking with them about it first?  Why are they then surprised when there is reaction and resistance to their proposals?"

Professional Dialogue establishes a common sense about how to proceed that is practical, ethical and accountable.

"Are you tired of hearing people agree to a course of action, even when they know it wouldn’t work or they don’t really intend to do it anyway?"

Inherent in Professional Dialogue is a partnership approach where you ask, listen, learn and adapt what you think, say and do in order to respect and include everyone involved.

"How often is there a demand for people to comply with unreasonable instructions, leaving them feeling marginalised and resentful?"

Over the years we have proven the value of Professional Dialogue for individuals, teams and organisations: in SMEs and multi-nationals; in boardrooms and refineries; in local and state government; in hospitals and prisons; in cities and rural communities; in different cultures and continents.

"What do you do if you know that the change you want can only happen if other people change as well, and you know from past experience that they never will?  You give up trying?  Well obviously you never tried Professional Dialogue."

We have developed a set of easily transferable Professional Dialogic practice skills to sustain organisational change.

"Why do so many organisations continue to pay for external consultants and facilitators for years and years?"

As Dialogic consultants, we build in our own redundancy as an essential part of what we offer!

See how these skills have transformed one state-wide government agency:


Professional Dialogue is based on the simple but profound ontology that everyone and everything is inter-related, and every time we act as if this were not the case we cause ourselves and others trouble.

As the Blues singer Lead Belly (1888 – 1949) sang:

“We’re in the same boat brother, we’re in the same boat brother,
And if you shake one end, you’re going to rock the other…. in the same boat brother”