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"Please try to keep this fine contribution to our field out on the table, so that as many as possible may encounter your thinking here and engage with the challenges this system of thought poses to the successful emergence of the broad collective intelligence that you have called for..."   R Sarly USA
"I did not know all your stories. I knew some of them. Having them all told so clearly, with insights and wisdom is such a generous gift. Thank you."   L Le Douarec, France

"A wonderful read. Your personal and professional journey provides context and color to the development of Dialogue. And your integral explanation of all aspects of Dialogue further deepens my understanding."   G-J de Jong, Netherlands

Garrett P, 2021 Read the Blurb and Foreword by Jane Ball

TWND! Three: Shaping the Profession TWND! Two: Setting the Bearings TWND! One: Gathering the Field  

2020, Foreword by Peter Garrett, papers by Ball & Garrett

2019, Foreword by Peter Garrett, papers by Ball & Garrett

2018, Foreword by Peter Garrett, papers by Ball & Garrett




The Migration Laboratory


Dialogue A Proposal


Yet Another Re-Organisation


A Dialogic Model of Time

Professional Dialogue
a different way of working for
international co-operation

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The seminal text by
Bohm, Factor & Garrett, 1991
  How we find ourselves driven
by time
by Garrett, 2006

Unfolding Meaning 



A weekend of dialogue with
David Bohm, 1985