Dialogue Associates


We propose partnering with you to use Professional Dialogue to enhance
your organisational health, sanity, and prosperity and that of your people and community

We know our trade

We played a direct role in the origination of Professional Dialogue in 1983
and have 40 years of pioneering hands-on experience and first-hand learning

We do remarkable Dialogic Intervention Consulting

Design and implement Whole System Dialogue

Provide Accredited Professional Dialogue Education

Mentor people to design, deliver and learn from Dialogic processes 

We are accredited by the Academy of Professional Dialogue

Publish our work extensively through Dialogue Publications

and undertake Dialogic Research commissions

Perhaps we could be of help
Let's talk about what you really need...

Read A New Kind of Dialogue by Peter Garrett
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"A must-read for anyone taking his stance about the world and about his place in it seriously."

We are currently accepting applications for:

Coaching & Mentoring

A Different Way of Working 5-month programme
leading to accreditation as a Professional Dialogue Practitioner by the Academy of Professional Dialogue

Dialogic Engagement course for cultural change

Working Dialogue course for collective decision-making

Dialogue Skills Training for the basics

Let us know if you are interested...

Peter Garrett & Jane Ball