Dialogue Associates

Our Ethics


  • We work in service of the health, sanity and prosperity of our clients and the larger system in which they work
  • We partner with our clients to transfer Dialogue skills with supporting structures and processes, in order that we leave a sustained systemic dialogue and become redundant
  • We do not compromise our professional and personal integrity for commercial expediency
  • We value integrity, transparency, inclusion, loyalty, genuine rapport and good humour


  • We find that by nature people are intelligent, compassionate and willing to participate, and if they are not acting in this way the constraints can be discovered and relieved through Dialogue
  • We understand that a person’s identity has two aspects - how they talk and think about themselves, and how others talk and think about them - and that these two come together in Dialogue


  • The combination of energy, authenticity and learning that are fundamental to all Dialogue work requires at least two people in agreement using Dialogue skills transparently


  • Life is one seamless whole with many inter-related parts, that is dislocated by the way people think and broken into seemingly separate fragments
  • The pervasive fragmentation in modern life can be addressed through Dialogue
  • Change is systemic, so a change in a representational microcosm effects change in the whole