Dialogue Associates

Our Directors

Peter Garrett

Career – “Having studied architecture, run businesses in the hotel, construction and property development industries, and owned businesses in fashion clothing and motor industries, I became consumed by the potential of Dialogue in the 1980s, worked to develop the field of Dialogue and eventually became a full-time Dialogue consultant in the 1990s.“

Interests – “My childhood experiences in the Rhodesian bush left a lasting imprint in my soul of the seamless inter-relationships in nature. Now, whether working with clients, holidaying on beaches in Brazil or South Africa, or skiing in France or New Zealand, I am often reminded of that.”

Jane Ball

Career – “My degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford, and Criminology from Edinburgh, led me down a less conventional route of diving into hands-on social and organisational intervention work at a local level where success and failure stare you in the face. In 2002 Dialogue work with Peter Garrett transported this into commercial consulting.”

Interests – “Having worked on the streets of London providing healthcare and social support to homeless people, and in The Hebrides with remote communities, I am never happier than walking my dogs on a windy day, gardening in all weathers or playing with my children.”

Our Passion

  • Helping every level across an organisation - from basic grade staff to Executive Leaders
    - to learn the same Dialogue Skills
  • Coaching individuals in leadership roles to engage their staff in collective leadership
  • Aligning the social architecture to transform the future storyline of a project, initiative or whole organisation
  • Resolving immediate conflict between individuals, teams and larger departments or factions through Dialogue
  • Working to shift more deeply embedded social and organisational fragmentation that has a longer (even generational) history
  • Enabling partnership ventures between for-profit organisations and the social community within which they operate