Dialogue Associates

Our Associates

Thomas Klug

Thomas has worked as a consultant in private and public sectors and as a leading international manager in the automotive industry. For more than 15 years he has been a Dialogue Practitioner in organisational change work and various educational programmes. Tom holds an MBA from the University of Muenster, Germany. He combines the experience of international management, consulting and facilitation work into a unique blend of insights that support clients to approach their challenges from multiple perspectives.

Florian Junge

Florian is consulting and facilitating organisational and leadership development. With a Diploma in Psychology and an additional MBA he is an expert in facilitating participatory change processes and combines classic strategic management theory with agile approaches for self-organisation and collaboration. As the founder and executive of the online-platform managerfragen.org he is encouraging the dialogue between economy and civil society – amongst others in strong partnership with the renowned “Baden-Badener Unternehmergespräche e.V.”.