Dialogue Associates

Dialogue & Leadership of Change Germany

The Programme consists of:

  • Five two-day workshops over six months
  • A curriculum based on Dialogue skills and Implicate Change
  • Concentration on your own Real Time Change Work
  • Complementary Field Work and skills practice, undertaken in your own workplace
  • In-house Sponsorship model
  • Telephone coaching between the workshops

Introductory Workshop:
The two-day Introductory Workshop provides a sound orientation to this approach and is recommended if you:

  • want to learn more to select wisely the right group of people to come on the longer programme, to maximise the value to your organisation
  • are a senior leader considering sponsoring others on the longer programme
  • want to form a business case for participation in the full programme

All Workshops will take place at the Conparc Hotel in Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt/Main.

Course Size:
The Programme is designed for 12-20 participants.

The programme and most materials handed out will be in English language.

A confidentiality agreement is introduced, and signed by all of the participants at the outset, to ensure a common expectation and behaviour when sensitive and confidential subjects come up.

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