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Dialogic Engagement

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How do we talk and think together?  Our success, and that of our organisations and communities, is dependent on how well people talk and think together. When we decide to do things that affect other people, we need to talk with them and think about the wider consequences of our actions. If we don’t, we keep tripping each other up. That is frustrating and limits how successful we are in our everyday work and in our lives in general.

Practical skills of Dialogic Engagement:  A good starting point to improve one’s skills, is to consider the ways in which we talk with others. This introductory course provides a practical framework for recognising, understanding, and changing the way people are talking and thinking together. The purpose, structure, and dynamics of different Modes of talking and thinking together are introduced. Each Mode involves a different kind of engagement and enables different outcomes. Two of them involve Dialogue, and these are particularly important in complex or ambiguous situations, where people hold a variety of perspectives and opinions about what should be done and by whom. You will be able to make immediate use of the learning to enhance your own participation and for the benefit of those around you, and with practice you can become better equipped through Dialogue to help resolve complex and fragmented situations.  Read more...

Insanely helpful!  DAM

I am pleased to have begun my deep dive into this… A fantastic course with very experienced facilitators. Wholly recommend a look if you are a coach in any form.  CF

I realise how my own habits lead me to encourage my team to use certain modes rather than learning to choose what is most useful.  TC

All Dialogue Associates courses are facilitated by Professional Dialogue Practitioners accredited by the Academy of Professional Dialogue.