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Let's talk if you are interested in joining the programme for accreditation as a Professional Dialogue Practitioner with the Academy of Professional Dialogue...

96 hours of online learning:  Feb 14-16 • Mar 7-9 • Mar 28-30 • Apr 18-20 • May 9-11 • May 30-June 1 • June 20-22 • July 11-13
Cost:  £5,000 • Early Bird, before Sept 1:  £4,000  

Curriculum - the Integrated Dialogue Model: All of the Professional Dialogue educational programmes accredited by the Academy are based on the Integrated Dialogue Model, the design of which has been realised through first-hand research and practice over the past 40 years (recorded in A New Kind of Dialogue by Peter Garrett). 

Focus One - Bringing Dialogue into the Room: Participants develop the capability to bring Dialogue into any grouping of participants, in an organisation or related organisations, to help them to develop a common understanding, and to transfer those skills to others thereby making their role redundant. 

Assessment: Accreditation is awarded through a three-stage developmental process of self-assessment, followed by peer assessment and faculty assessment against developmental criteria endorsed by the Academy's Professional Standards and Accreditation Board.   

Accreditation:  Participants are accredited as Professional Dialogue Practitioners by the Academy, entitling them to run Academy-certified Programmes for others, to use the Academy logo on their correspondence, business cards, and website, and to progress to accreditation as a Professional Dialogue Consultant.   

The Faculty:  All faculty are accredited practitioners and registered accreditors with the Academy of Professional Dialogue.  Visiting faculty members are drawn from Academy-accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners.

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